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Since 1997, Boutsen Aviation is recognized as an industry leader in aircraft sales and acquisitions. Every day, our team of experts works to expand and develop the company’s worldwide presence, and the following articles are excerpts and highlights of momentous achievements we have reached to date.

Boutsen Aviation is gaining altitude
Boutsen Aviation gagne de l'altitude

  • Private skies   |   2016-07-01
The company was founded in 1997 by former Formula 1 driver Thierry Boutsen. In the private aircraft trade, Boutsen Aviation now counts among the top names in Europe. To this day, they have sold a total of 335 aircrafts.There seems to be no end to their ascension: this year, the firm secured the sale of a King Air C90A, a Hawker 800B, a King Air C90GTi, a Challenger 300 and a Hawker 1000B. The company currently offers a wide range of jets: eight Bombardiers, four Gulfstreams, two Falcons as well as an Embraer..

Boutsen Aviation : A little flair, a lot of substance

  • Outlook   |   2017-05-15
Thierry Boutsen has gone from a mechanical-engineering degree to Formula 1 racing to aircraft brokerage. Earning the university degree was not really his idea, but rather part of a deal with his father for permission to race. In the end, it has served him well, first with race cars and now in the world of aviation.

Thierry Boutsen From F1 to the Boardroom

  • Force One   |   2015-05-15
In the lobby of Boutsen Aviation, the monoplace stands out proudly on the wall; the Williams-Renault that led Thierry Boutsen to his first victory in Formula 1. It was on the wet asphalt of the Canadian Grand Prix in June 1989. Nostalgia? Not an ounce; “just a wink,” he says.

Dominique Trinquet

  • CorporateJet Investor   |   2015-03-26
Boutsen Aviation, a Monaco-based business jet brokerage led by ex-Formula One driver Thierry Boutsen, recently named Dominique Trinquet as the new president of the company, 15 years after he first joined Boutsen Aviation.

"La F1, c'est le règne du Kleenex"

  • Moustique   |   2015-03-11
La nouvelle saison de Formule 1 démarre ce week-end. Qui mieux que le dernier Belge vainqueur d’un grand prix pour en parler? C’était il y a déjà 25 ans...

From pit lanes to pitch controls

  • Monaco Luxury Group   |   2015-02-10
The Formula 1 that today draws continent-sized audiences is a far cry from the spectacle of the Eighties; Thierry Boutsen, a young racing enthusiast who gathered $500,000 in tobacco sponsorship to buy a seat in the Arrows team in 1983, would balk at this current bland era of champions "weighing the percentages" and "taking the positives" from a race.

Thierry Boutsen: De la Formule 1 aux Business Jets

  • Monaco Luxury Group   |   2015-02-10
Salué comme l'un des pilotes F1 les plus reconnus de son époque, Thierry Boutsen donne son aperçu sur les deux passions qui ont marqué sa carrière professionnelle - la course automobile et l'aviation.

Boutsen Offers Jet Brokerage, Cabin Interior

  • AIN Online   |   2014-12-05
Monaco-based Boutsen Aviation and Boutsen Design are here at MEBA (Stand 660) sharing a stand to promote, respectively, its business aircraft brokerage and loose equipment sales such as linen and crockery for high-end business jet interiors.

Boutsen Offers Challenger for Sale

  • AIN Online   |   2014-12-09
Resale specialist Boutsen Aviation exhibiting at MEBA on Stand 660 with sister company Boutsen Design is presenting a Bombardier Challenger 604 in the static park.

The Sky is The Limit

  • Sur La Terre   |   2014-11-10
He is oft-remembered for his adrenaline inducing duel with Ayrton Senna from behind the wheel of a Williams Renault at the 1990 Hungarian Grand Prix, but these days, Former F1 driver, Thierry Boutsen, gets his kicks closing multi-million dollar deals.